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What is your healthy weight? It’s different for everyone. That’s right. Not everyone can be a healthy size six. You can starve yourself to get there, but you won’t be healthy and YOU WON’T STAY THERE. So, why torture yourself. It’s time to learn how to love the body type you were born with and more importantly, treat it right to increase your precious time on this earth.

Your healthy weight depends on several factors, including your height, age, and how much body fat and muscle you have. To calculate your healthy weight, talk to your doctor. I know. I can hear many of you now saying, “Uhhh…co-pay. Do I really want to spend $$ to ask my doctor to calculate my weight?” Well, let me ask you this. How much $$ have you spent so far on the numerous weight loss diets out there? You could actually get a formula off of the internet to calculate your healthy weight as well, but I personally lean strongly towards paying the $10+ co-pay to see my doctor to not only find out what my healthy weight is but to see where I am health wise. So, you choose.

There are two measures that your doctor may use to figure your healthy weight. One is your BMI (body mass index), and the other is your waist circumference. Again, if you have your doctor perform this, he/she can tell you what health risks you are currently dealing with based on your calculations and how to BEST eliminate those risks. In my family, our health risks include diabetes, hereditary high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. YIKES! That’s a BAD cocktail! Nonetheless, I found a way to dodge those bullets through exercise and good nutrition. I have actually lowered my total cholesterol within this last year to the point where I’m no longer at risk of heart disease and diabetes, and it all started with making better food choices, exercise and LETTING GO of the things and people in my life who stressed me.

So here’s the simple science that helped me attain my healthy weight of size 12…yes I am a happy, healthy, curvy,  size 12. I actually got to a size 10 once on a VERY RESTRICTIVE diet and after seeing my doctor and having a urine test, she told me my kidneys were barely functioning! Needless to say I ballooned to a size 16, cholesterol went through the roof, borderline diabetic, and I felt like I was dying at the tender age of 31. Scary hugh? Ok, back to the science. Like I always say, “Eat something!” Don’t skip meals and make sure to have five important food groups at breakfast, lunch and dinner. These groups are fruits, vegetables, lean protein, grain, and dairy. I know it can seem hard to get all of these food groups into all three meals, especially with the fast paced lives so many of us live. I understand. I am a student, I work a full time job and I have a home based business of helping people get physically and financially fit, which I LOVE and which will one day replace my full time job. So yes, I’m busy. Nonetheless, a little planning, shopping, and meal preparation during your weekend may just surprise you during your busy work week. Not only will you be making smarter food choices, but you will also ease up on your wallet. Those drive-thru’s can get expensive!

Reaching a healthy weight is about accepting your body type and doing right by your body through achieving optimal health and performance. STOP comparing yourself to others! It almost killed me! Remember, there’s only ONE you, and when you learn to love the person you are, you will stand out in the best possible way and hopefully even help someone else who is struggling with their own self image.

Coach Yoli Fae,

God Bless and Live Fearlessly


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