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ImageI’ve done cleanses in the past when I felt like my body was sluggish and run down. I believe being healthy is paramount! Nothing else really matters if you’re unhealthy. When my body and all of it’s organs are functioning properly and my body’s natural defense mechanisms are working at 100%, I also function better. That’s so important to me because right now I work a full time job, I’m building an online health and fitness business, and I am going to school at night. So, I need my brain to be operating at it’s VERY BEST and my body as a whole to know how to defend itself against stress. I’m doing this 21 day cleanse starting in June and I am actually excited about being good to my body. I mean, I already take good care of my body…”Gotta practice what I preach!” Still, I love the feeling of  possibly adding more healthy years to my life by giving my body more of what it needs. In reviewing this cleanse, one thing I loved off the bat is that I eat! You better believe it! If you have read ANY of my other blogs, you know I BELIEVE IN EATING…lol! Eating brings me joy and peace and comfort because I’ve learned how to respect food as well as my body and its correlation to food. Food is a good thing friends. It’s not meant to be an abusive tool towards your body! It’s meant to nourish, sustain, and improve the performance of your body. I eat healthy and I exercise. It’s that simple. So, I will keep you all posted and if anyone would like to join me, I think this would be a fun journey to take together. To learn more about this cleanse go to http://myultimatereset.com/esuite/home/yolifae

Love and Hugs,

Coach Yoli Fae


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