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ImageYes, 2014 is here and I was so blessed to fill the first page of this new year with wonderful moments spent at the top of a mountain. That’s me standing close to the cross in blue, with both arms stretched to the sky. It was a four mile or so hike up Mt Rubidoux and I had to stop several times just to take in the beautiful panoramic views of Riverside County. I felt like I was literally on top of the world! ImageIt’s funny how much bolder you feel and how everything in life seems POSSIBLE when you’re standing atop a mountain and seeing as far as the eye can see. Tall, corporate buildings look like scattered, tiny, white pieces of paper. Crowded freeways look like glistening curves of string. I thought about the stressful drive to work I make Mondays through Fridays, the demanding job I go to every week day. Looking over Riverside County, none of that seemed to matter. “This is what it’s all about,” IImage said to myself. “Climbing above the stress, the schedules and deadlines, and giving yourself the opportunity to put your life into perspective.” Every day of our lives should include some amount of joy, don’t you think? Of course, there will always be crowded freeways, demanding jobs,and family issues. But our approach to handling these realities of life should include an inner determination to not allow these circumstances to steal our peace. Yes, we laugh, we weep, and we pray. Life will always happen. If you have to get outside and climb a mountain to regain your strength, resolve and faith to go through these daily battles with boldness and hope, then by all means, do so! It also helps to have a close circle of friends, friends who ‘get you’ and love you anyway. None of us are perfect and when you find people who you can be real with, people who you can cry with and be vulnerable with without fear of judgement, hold on IMG_0887to them! They are priceless! I had the joy of spending the first day of 2014 with such friends. Perhaps the most humbling part of our hike was when we saw the cross from a distance and started to run towards it until we reached the cross at the top of the mountain! No matter your faith or belief, there is something so spiritual about standing at the foot of a cross that stands so tall, it seems to touch the sky. They’re were people around that cross from every walk of life and you know what? Race, color, and religion didn’t matter to any of them. They greeted one another warmly, talked openly about their hopes for a better year and shared bits of their lives. No one up here was a stranger. One common thread tied us together; hope. It’s this hope that I pray you the reader will hold Imageonto in 2014. Guard it like a mother protecting her precious child because it’s that hope that will help IMG_0893you to press forward to another day, help you to step out into the deep and make your dreams come true, help you to forgive past hurts and let go of toxic people, help you to say “No” to things that aren’t right for you and “Yes” to things that make YOU happy. So, whatever you are facing right now or will face in the days to come, please don’t lose hope! I never will:)

Yoli Fae


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ImageI was so moved by this picture when my mother shared it with me on Facebook. She took one look at it and instantly thought of me. I had spoken with my mom earlier that day about how I wanted to stop allowing my thought life to control my physical outcomes. I’ve spent most of my life entertaining self destructing thoughts and inevitably those thoughts had convinced me that I would fail at everything I’d ever try in my life. THAT’S HOW POWERFUL OUR THOUGHTS CAN BE! I have a God given talent as an artist but was always afraid to share my work with others in fear of rejection. I always had an issue with how I looked because I am so tall and lanky and because of a scalp condition, always had short hair. Needles to say I never thought I was pretty. Everything I started, I stopped before I could finish in fear of what would be expected of me. It took me five years between junior college and private school to complete my Associate of Science degree in computer technology. Afraid of failing, I never used that degree once I completed it. I was once approached about a modeling career. I simply responded, “I’m too shy.” I WAS AFRAID OF SUCCESS!

But a change came in my late 30’s when I experienced a new found faith in God. Over the last ten years I’ve fought my thoughts with what the Word of God said about me; “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” – Psalms 139:14, “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me” – Philippians 4:13, and my favorite, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11. These words have helped me these last ten years to let go of some heavy baggage that was slowing me down and making me tired both emotionally and physically. My baggage included FEAR, HURT, GUILT and LOW SELF-ESTEEM. Before I found my faith in God’s Word, these burdens plagued my 20’s and half of my 30’s. That’s a long time to live in fear!!!

Today, I am not saying that I don’t still feel fear, but I no longer cower under it’s gripping hold. I face it head on! I’d rather do things afraid than always wonder what could have been. Funny thing too, every time I step out ‘on the water’ I realize that the real fear was all in my head and I’d say to myself, “What was I so afraid of? This isn’t bad at all?” Sometimes I fail and sometimes I succeed. The difference between my 40’s and my 20’s and 30’s is that in my 40’s I at least TRIED. Now, I’m proud to say that as 2013 draws to a close, I have completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, I have an online art gallery showcasing all of my paintings, and I sold my first painting two months ago!

Whatever your faith or belief, I encourage you to quiet those negative thoughts clouding your mind. Don’t be embarrassed to talk to someone you trust; a pastor, encouraging friend or family member, or even a psychiatrist. There’s nothing to be ashamed of! this is YOUR LIFE we’re talking about! When you do this, the weight of all that baggage that has held you down will feel lighter. Why? Because you will look down one day and see that you’ve dropped every burden you carried, to the ground! The key to a happier 2014 my friends is that you DO SOMETHING. Put this plan into action to make a positive change in your life. I haven’t even personally met you and I can honestly tell you that you are worth it!!! So let’s drop that baggage and experience a wonderful 2014!!!

with love,

Yoli Fae

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ImageI am so excited about the Color Run in July. It’s so wonderful how this organization encourages health and wellness in every city they visit! This will be my first 5k and my friends (Fearless Chix is our group name) and I plan on taking tons of pictures. In preparation for my first 5k I’m walking/running a mile and will slowly work up to three miles. I’m glad this run isn’t timed because I may be doing a lot of walking…lol. Still it will be a blast! As far as nutrition, I’m sticking to fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins and my favorite bread; 7 Sprouted Grain bread because it’s high in protein. As far as the junk food, well bye bye cookies and chips! Like I always say, “It’s not about being skinny. It’s about being healthy…AND HAPPY:)


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ImageI’ve been away from NMV for six months now dealing with issues in life that called for my undivided attention. I’ve since learned the value of following My dreams and not other people’s dreams for me. So, I’m back and I am excited about rekindling my passion that has always burned deep in my soul for helping people both young and old to realize how priceless and wonderful they truly are and to love themselves as they are and be the VERY BEST that they can be!

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ImageI’ve done cleanses in the past when I felt like my body was sluggish and run down. I believe being healthy is paramount! Nothing else really matters if you’re unhealthy. When my body and all of it’s organs are functioning properly and my body’s natural defense mechanisms are working at 100%, I also function better. That’s so important to me because right now I work a full time job, I’m building an online health and fitness business, and I am going to school at night. So, I need my brain to be operating at it’s VERY BEST and my body as a whole to know how to defend itself against stress. I’m doing this 21 day cleanse starting in June and I am actually excited about being good to my body. I mean, I already take good care of my body…”Gotta practice what I preach!” Still, I love the feeling of  possibly adding more healthy years to my life by giving my body more of what it needs. In reviewing this cleanse, one thing I loved off the bat is that I eat! You better believe it! If you have read ANY of my other blogs, you know I BELIEVE IN EATING…lol! Eating brings me joy and peace and comfort because I’ve learned how to respect food as well as my body and its correlation to food. Food is a good thing friends. It’s not meant to be an abusive tool towards your body! It’s meant to nourish, sustain, and improve the performance of your body. I eat healthy and I exercise. It’s that simple. So, I will keep you all posted and if anyone would like to join me, I think this would be a fun journey to take together. To learn more about this cleanse go to http://myultimatereset.com/esuite/home/yolifae

Love and Hugs,

Coach Yoli Fae

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What is your healthy weight? It’s different for everyone. That’s right. Not everyone can be a healthy size six. You can starve yourself to get there, but you won’t be healthy and YOU WON’T STAY THERE. So, why torture yourself. It’s time to learn how to love the body type you were born with and more importantly, treat it right to increase your precious time on this earth.

Your healthy weight depends on several factors, including your height, age, and how much body fat and muscle you have. To calculate your healthy weight, talk to your doctor. I know. I can hear many of you now saying, “Uhhh…co-pay. Do I really want to spend $$ to ask my doctor to calculate my weight?” Well, let me ask you this. How much $$ have you spent so far on the numerous weight loss diets out there? You could actually get a formula off of the internet to calculate your healthy weight as well, but I personally lean strongly towards paying the $10+ co-pay to see my doctor to not only find out what my healthy weight is but to see where I am health wise. So, you choose.

There are two measures that your doctor may use to figure your healthy weight. One is your BMI (body mass index), and the other is your waist circumference. Again, if you have your doctor perform this, he/she can tell you what health risks you are currently dealing with based on your calculations and how to BEST eliminate those risks. In my family, our health risks include diabetes, hereditary high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. YIKES! That’s a BAD cocktail! Nonetheless, I found a way to dodge those bullets through exercise and good nutrition. I have actually lowered my total cholesterol within this last year to the point where I’m no longer at risk of heart disease and diabetes, and it all started with making better food choices, exercise and LETTING GO of the things and people in my life who stressed me.

So here’s the simple science that helped me attain my healthy weight of size 12…yes I am a happy, healthy, curvy,  size 12. I actually got to a size 10 once on a VERY RESTRICTIVE diet and after seeing my doctor and having a urine test, she told me my kidneys were barely functioning! Needless to say I ballooned to a size 16, cholesterol went through the roof, borderline diabetic, and I felt like I was dying at the tender age of 31. Scary hugh? Ok, back to the science. Like I always say, “Eat something!” Don’t skip meals and make sure to have five important food groups at breakfast, lunch and dinner. These groups are fruits, vegetables, lean protein, grain, and dairy. I know it can seem hard to get all of these food groups into all three meals, especially with the fast paced lives so many of us live. I understand. I am a student, I work a full time job and I have a home based business of helping people get physically and financially fit, which I LOVE and which will one day replace my full time job. So yes, I’m busy. Nonetheless, a little planning, shopping, and meal preparation during your weekend may just surprise you during your busy work week. Not only will you be making smarter food choices, but you will also ease up on your wallet. Those drive-thru’s can get expensive!

Reaching a healthy weight is about accepting your body type and doing right by your body through achieving optimal health and performance. STOP comparing yourself to others! It almost killed me! Remember, there’s only ONE you, and when you learn to love the person you are, you will stand out in the best possible way and hopefully even help someone else who is struggling with their own self image.

Coach Yoli Fae,

God Bless and Live Fearlessly

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ImageDid you eat breakfast this morning….hmmm? Do you plan on skipping lunch? I certainly hope not! Your body is like a furnace and it needs coal to burn so it can create that wonderful fuel you and I need every day. It’s that fuel that you and I need to keep up with the kids, go to work, stay awake in class, do our workouts,…you get the picture. Oh and by the way, ‘junk foods’ will not give your body the fuel it needs. If anything, your furnace or body will quickly shut down. Those burgers and fries have NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE. They do have a bad habit of sitting on your hips though, and clogging your arteries! So, when you scarf down that yummy, greasy burger, your body is saying to itself, “where are my nutrients, pro-biotics, etc that I need to generate enough fuel to get you through the rest of this day?” No wonder you get that ‘crashing ‘ feeling an hour after lunch. YOUR BODY’S NO FOOL.
Starving yourself is even worse! Look, your body is going to burn whatever you put into it AND store whatever it needs to store for the future. When you starve yourself you’re not tricking your body. Your body is SMARTER than you think and it will do what it has to do to survive. Still, if you continue putting junk foods into your body and starving your body, it will eventually break down. We are not invincible! These bodies do get tired. They are defenseless against attacks of fatigue, depression, sickness, disease and premature death, if they’re not given the proper vitamins, nutrients, rest and dare I say, “love” to fight the good fight AND WIN!
Eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat two healthy snacks a day. Put the right type of coal into your furnace: fruits, vegetables, whole wheat grains, nuts, dairy, lean proteins (legumes like black beans are a great source of protein. I LOVE THEM) Stay away from the potato chips, sugary sodas and donuts.
Ok, are you going to eat something now? I certainly hope so.
Coach YoliFae



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