20131027-112919.jpg Being a full time student and working a full time job doesn’t leave me much time for cooking so Sunday evenings I get in my kitchen and I cook for the week. I also have to watch my budget. I can’t tell you how unhealthy fast food is so I have become a crock pot chef…lol.
I load my crock pot up with fresh veggies, lean chunks of meat, potatoes, chicken stock and just let it cook to perfection, while making my house smell amazing! This way of cooking is easy on my wallet and I can eat off of one crock pot meal for three days. Add rice or a warm slice of your favorite bread to a hot bowl of soup or stew and you have a healthy, satisfying and economical meal:)
When it comes to eating healthy and watching your wallet, it’s all about responsibility. Take control of what you put into your body as well as what foods you buy. Shop the outer walls of your grocery store where you’ll find all of the fresh produce, meats, and dairy foods. The isles in the center of the store can be an unhealthy and expensive lure to sugary, processed products! Don’t make the excuse that unhealthy foods are cheaper because honestly, these days unhealthy foods are just as expensive. Hey, if a very busy student/full-time employee/fitness-encourager can do it, I believe YOU can as well.
Happy cooking…I’d love to hear your comments on some of your favorite crock pot creations!!!


I had the best time this past weekend at the 7Th Annual Women of Purpose Conference in Chino! It refreshed me and reminded me that although it seems at times that my dreams and goals are so far away from my touch or may even appear TOO BIG or unrealistic, the FACT that I choose to dream and set goals means that I’m living my life ON PURPOSE instead of just letting my life go by, day in and day out. So, listen up friends (Yes, YOU I consider a friend), don’t give up on your dreams just because they may seem so far away. Pray on it, form a plan and then implement that plan. NEVER, EVER, EVER allow fear to keep you from living your life on purpose and making your dreams come true!!! purpose2Oh, and here is a BIGGIE; connect with people who encourage and uplift you. They don’t have to share your dreams. They just need to love you anyway and allow you to dream. Many times, no one but YOU will understand the road you have chosen to take. Still, it’s those select few who will walk that road with you. Embrace their friendship, because it is rare, and if this world has proven anything, it has proven that those things that are rare are valuable and yes, even PRICELESS!

God Bless,


color run jump We came out today, all ages, shapes and sizes, and we ran/walked the Color Run or Dye. We are ALL WINNERS because we participated! I encourage everyone to do one of these 5ks! Getting healthy and fit starts with you getting out of that comfort zone and challenging yourself to be your BEST YOU:)

IMG_2335 (2) Well, this morning, I put in 2 miles on the treadmill and burned about 200 calories. I’m really testing my stamina in this summer heat and building up my leg strength, since injuring myself last November. I’m so excited! I’m also playing it smart, drinking lots of water:)

One thing I love about exercise is the mental healing it brings. Whether, I’m walking, running or doing a cardio workout like Turbo Jam or T25, I gain this feeling of power and feel indestructible. I really believe that is where even physical healing begins. You have to believe that you can beat whatever is plaguing your body. Of course, regular exercise and eating healthy foods like grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meats are essential to health and longevity. When you take care of your body you DO feel stronger and that affects your mind, emotions and even your spirit. That is why I exercise:) And it doesn’t matter what size you are!  What matters is your health. Remember, women are not all built the same. So, love the way God made you, choose healthy foods and get out there and take a brisk 30 minute walk!

Will keep ya’ll posted on my 5K…HUGS

Yoli Fae

ImageMy younger sister and I each have pet peeves that drive one another bonkers. We don’t always agree and sometimes can go a couple days with out talking to each other when life gets demanding. But the one person I know I can always share my heart with without being judged is my sister. She honestly is my Best Friend! When she hurts, I hurt. When she calls me with good news, I’m always excited for her. My sister and I have both struggled with our weight most of our lives. But with age comes wisdom, and after years of crazy crash diets, harmful pills like Phen Phen and poor self esteem, we both have reached a point in our 40’s where we LOVE who  we are and how we look. We’ve discovered that our health is paramount to our happiness! So, we keep each other accountable with healthy eating habits and exercise, and yes, we still enjoy our yummy foods like ice cream and chocolates, just in moderation. Today, we had our sister time at Mimi’s Cafe and enjoyed THE BEST onion soup and crab cakes…YUMMMMM!!!

I encourage anyone reading this, who is struggling with liking who you see when you look in the mirror to seek out someone you can truly trust to be your accountability partner. Talk to them about how you’re feeling and choose a small goal you both can achieve together…something that will make you feel good about yourself. Join a 5K, try to kick an unhealthy habit like smoking, commit to walking every evening, etc. The key is to get you out of that ‘victim’ mentality and to give yourself a small attainable goal you can reach with the support of a friend. I am so glad I have my sister:) Remember, it’s not about being skinny, but being healthy! So, who will be your accountability partner? I want to know because I’d love to also cheer you on! Keep me posted:)

Hugs, Yoli

ImageI am so excited about the Color Run in July. It’s so wonderful how this organization encourages health and wellness in every city they visit! This will be my first 5k and my friends (Fearless Chix is our group name) and I plan on taking tons of pictures. In preparation for my first 5k I’m walking/running a mile and will slowly work up to three miles. I’m glad this run isn’t timed because I may be doing a lot of walking…lol. Still it will be a blast! As far as nutrition, I’m sticking to fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins and my favorite bread; 7 Sprouted Grain bread because it’s high in protein. As far as the junk food, well bye bye cookies and chips! Like I always say, “It’s not about being skinny. It’s about being healthy…AND HAPPY:)


ImageOne of our biggest downfalls is an unhealthy comparison to other people. We want to be like them, look like them, and achieve what they have achieved. Now, don’t misunderstand. There’s nothing wrong with healthy ambition as long as that ambition is to be your BEST YOU! It’s also important to have mentors in our lives who encourage us to bring out our talents and to face our fears head on.

You will never be 6 feet tall, so stop hating your five foot frame and go buy some slamm’in heels and call it a day. You CAN however, be an awesome teacher, artist, mother or entrepreneur. Oh, here’s one…You will never be a size 4 if you weren’t born with the body frame to support a size 4. You CAN, once again, choose clothes that fit and flatter your body and choose to be healthy through good nutrition and physical activity. Bottom line is you need to decide today that you are going to be happy in your own skin. Trust me, I’m preach’in to the choir because I have to tell myself this every day.

Building self esteem requires daily doses of TLC. TREAT yourself right by removing the negativity from your life (people who tear you down, destructive habits that endanger your health). LOVE yourself the way you are right now. If there’s something you desire to change that will add to the quality of your life and that you CAN change, then go for it. If you need that mentor to remind you that you CAN make this change then give her/him a call! Lastly, CHOOSE to be happy. I know this sounds cliche but it’s vital. Despite the moods of other people and despite bad situations, we still get to choose how to react. Just say, “This may not be what I expected or even what I want right now, but I am going to have a good attitude about it so that if there is anything that I can do to make the situation better, I will already be in the right frame of mind to make it happen. Either way, I am going to enjoy this day.”

There’s a healthy comparison to others where we are working on bringing out the best in ourselves. There’s also an unhealthy comparison where we’d rather be someone else, and that will simply never happen my friend. So, start giving yourself some TLC and see how much you start to like who you see in the mirror. Once again, I’m taking my own advice. Have a great day:)


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